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is there any tm that has a move which can put a foe to sleep?


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For genration 3 and 4 you can get tm secret power which in grass has a 30% chance of sleep.
Tm being 43 I think.
Hope this answer helps.
Only audino learns this move by level up.
If you want it on gen 5 you need an audino or help from gen 4.
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darn i need a tm sleeper
Well, I guess I was answering with tm's that would be 100% likely to sleep the foe. Which is why I answered with none. 30% and standing is grass isn't great. But according to the question, it does cause the foe to sleep. Nicely done
sorry Mr.k.  Me read the rules.
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There is no TM for making the foe fall asleep. Sorry.

Plus I scrolled through the list.

There is one for gen 2-4