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All the Black and White TMs?

I especally need earthquake

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TM01 Hone Claws- Freezer Container - Gift from Sage
TM02 Dragon Claw- Victory Road
TM03 Psyshock- Giant Chasm
TM04 Calm Mind- Relic Castle - Gift from Sage
TM05 Roar- Route 10
TM06 Toxic- Route 17
TM07 Hail- Mistralton PokéMart - 50,000 PokéDollars
TM08 Bulk Up- Route 14- Gift from Sage
TM09 Venoshock- Route 15 - Gift
TM10 Hidden Power- Nuvema Town - Professor Juniper after seeing 100 Pokémon
TM11 Sunny Day- Mistralton PokéMart - 50,000 PokéDollars
TM12 Taunt- Victory Road
TM13 Ice Beam- Giant Chasm
TM14 Blizzard- Icirrus City PokéMart 70,000 PokéDollars
TM15 Hyper Beam- Route 9 Department Store - 90,000 PokéDollars
TM16 Light Screen- Nimbasa City PokéMart - 30,000 Yen
TM17 Protect-Nuvema Town - Professor Juniper after seeing 60 Pokémon
TM18 Rain Dance-Mistralton PokéMart - 50,000 PokéDollars
TM19 Telekinesis-Route 18
TM20 Safeguard-Nimbasa City PokéMart - 30,000 Yen
TM21 Frustration- Nimbasa City PokéMart - 10,000 Yen
TM22 Solarbeam- Pinwheel Forest
TM23 Smack Down- Battle Subway - 36BP
TM24 Thunderbolt-P2 Laboratory
TM25 Thunder - Icirrus City PokéMart - 70,000 PokéDollars
TM26 Earthquake- Relic Castle
TM27 Return- Nimbasa City PokéMart - 10,000 PokéDollars
TM28 Dig - Route 4
TM29 Psychic- Route 13
TM30 Shadow Ball- Relic Castle
TM31Brick Break- Icirrus City
TM32 Double Team -Route 18 - Gift from Sage
TM33 Reflect- Nimbasa City PokéMart - 30,000 PokéDollars
TM34 Sludge Wave- Battle Subway - 48BP
TM35 Flamethrower -Abundant Shrine
TM36 Sludge Bomb- Route 8
TM37 Sandstorm- Mistralton City PokéMart - 50,000 PokéDollars
TM38 Fire Blast-Icirrus City Pokémon - 70,000 PokéDollars
TM39 Rock Tomb- Desert Resort
TM40 Aerial Ace -Mistralton City Runway
TM41Torment -Route 4
TM42 Facade-Route 8
TM43 Flame Charge -Tubeline Bridge
TM44 Rest-Castelia City - 11th Floor of Building
TM45 Attract -Castelia City - Party
TM46 Thief-Wellspring Cave
TM47 Low Sweep-Wellspring Cave
TM48 Round -Battle Subway - 36BP
TM49 Echoed Voice-Nimbasa City - Musical Hall
TM50 Overheat-Route 11
TM51 Ally Switch -Battle Subway - 48BP
TM52 Focus Blast-Wellspring Cave
TM53 Energy Ball-Route 12
TM54 False Swipe-Nuvema Town - Professor Juniper after seeing 30 Pokémon
TM55 Scald -Freezer Container
TM56 Fling-Tubeline Bridge
TM57 Charge Beam -Route 7
TM58 Sky Drop -Mistralton City
TM59 Incinerate-Battle Subway - 48BP
TM60 Quash -Battle Subway - 48BP
TM61 Will-o-wisp-Celestial Tower
TM62 Acrobatics-Mistralton City Gym
TM63 Embargo -Dragonspiral Tower
TM64 Battle Subway - 48BP
TM65 Shadow Claw-Celestial Tower
TM66 Payback-Route 16
TM67 Retaliate -Nacrene City Gym
TM68 Giga Impact-Route 9 Department Store - 90,000 PokéDollars
TM69 Rock Polish -Chargestone Cave - Gift from Sage
TM70 Flash -Castelia City Alleyway
TM71 Stone Edge -Challenger's Cave
TM72Volt Switch -Nimbasa City Gym
TM73 Thunder Wave -Nimbasa City PokéMart - 10,000 PokéDollars
TM74 Gyro Ball -Nimbasa City PokéMart - 10,000 PokéDollars
TM75 Swords Dance -Dreamyard - Gift from Sage
TM76 Struggle Bug -Castelia City Gym
TM77 Psych Up -Battle Subway - 48BP
TM78 Bulldoze -Driftveil City Gym
TM79 Frost Breath -Icirrus City Gym
TM80 Rock Slide -Mistralton Cave
TM81 X-scissor -Route 7
TM82 Dragon Tail-Opelucid City Gym
TM83 Work Up-Striaton City Gym
TM84 Poison Jab-Route 6
TM85 Dream Eater -Dreamyard
TM86 Grass Knot -Pinwheel Forest
TM87 Swagger-Battle Subway - 36BP
TM88 Pluck -Battle Subway - 36BP
TM89 U-turn-Route 13 - Deliver all three goods to Wingull
TM90 Substitute-Twist Mountain - Winter Only
TM91 Flash Cannon -Twist Mountain
TM92 Trick Room-Abundant Shrine
TM93 Wild Charge -Victory Road
TM94 Rock Smash-Pinwheel Forest
TM95 Snarl -Castelia City - Give Mr. Lock the Lock Capsule
HM01 Cut -Striaton City - From Mokomo
HM02 Fly -Driftveil City - From Bianca
HM03 Surf -Twist Mountain - From Alder
HM04 Strength -Nimbasa City (Top Left Building)
HM05 Waterfall-Route 18
HM06 Dive-Undella Town

Don't forget, you can use them more than once, so don't waste the ones on the older games on pokemon before you use pal park.