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I want the TM earthquake but I can't find my way to through Relic Castle to get to the exit where it is. :I


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You must advance through Relic Castle (after the Elite Four) by going through the part of the castle the Team Plasma boss is at.
When you defeat his watch guard, advance through the many rooms, and you will eventually meet one of the seven sages (I forget his name), where you can also find Volcarona.

When you are done, start your way to your exit.
(I can't give exact directions)
But when you eventually are in a few rooms where you must climb a ladder, continue your way and eventually you will reach the last of the stairs and claim your TM Earthquake!
Hope this helps! ~

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When you get down in the maze, like sam sam sam sam said, you go left after beating the grunt. Continue going left until you reach a flight of stairs. The stairs go up about 5-6 floors. At the top there is an item on the floor. It is e-quake. Pick it up then jump off the little ledge you where on. Then step out into the desert resort.

Note- the maze section is only availible after the league has been beaten for the first time. To get to the maze, go down like the time you had to find gehetsis, then go to the very right of the room, & there is a door, the entrance to the maze.

You can also find volcarona in there.

Hope this helps