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In 3d and 2d games if there is a difference

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Third row, towards the beginning of the bottom half. All eyes are closed.
Oh wow that's interesting how in the world did you find that?
Lol, imagine this
Gardevoir used hypnosis
Exxeggcute fell asleep

Next turn:
Gardevoir used Dream Eater
It doesn't affect exeggcute because only one of it's eggs fell asleep
Lmao .

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HT suggested I answer so sure

In the 3D games (gens 6-8), I tested it out and all of the eggs fall asleep.
In gens 1-4, Pokémon do not have sleep sprites and therefore none of the eggs fall asleep
In gen 5, all of the eggs fall asleep.

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Thanks, I need to test this out