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REALLY want to know.

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This should have the info you need.
> The appearance of White Forest is dependent on the number of people
> currently residing there. When the player enters the forest for the
> very first time, the total number of residents is determined by the
> number of days it took the player to reach White Forest. The number of
> residents can be between 0 (low occupancy) and 10 (maximum occupancy).
> In addition to visual changes, some wild Pokémon will only appear with
> a certain resident.
> White Forest has a maximum population of 25, although only 10
> residents can be present at any one time. Each NPC has a set number of
> points, which will change depending on certain functions that can be
> performed by the player. If an NPC's points value reaches 0, then they
> will leave White Forest. The factors involved in this are as follows:
> Function Value
1 day passes -5 points
Player enters area +3 points
> Player talks to character +10 points
> New NPCs can be brought into White Forest by inviting them from Black
> City via the Entralink. NPCs that have left will be visible to other
> players in Entralink. If this area becomes full, no more will leave,
> even if their score reaches zero.

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Not what I mean.
Then why select BA?
I meant the percentage of the people not the Pokemon
Just because i NEED points and I was not very clear so it was not fair
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