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There are indeed a lot to list.

  • Spinda
    Spinda has the orange areas (which differ from each) which make it unsymetrical.
  • Kingler
    Kingler has a bigger Claw on the right arm, despite all the arguments, it is true.
  • Machoke
    Machoke has the P on his Power save belt making him Unsymetrical by default.
  • Togepi
    Togepi's shell has patterns which make it unsymetrical.
  • Rotom Wash
    Rotom wash has the hose which is obvious.
  • Kyurem
    Kyurem has one wing shorter than the other. Not very clear with my sprite but it is there.
  • Absol
    Absol's blade is the part making it unsymetrical.
  • Chimachar and Evo's
    All of these monkeys have the flames unsymetrical.
  • Pikachu and Evo's
    Now Raichu might cause arguments, but the tail makes it unsymmetrical.

    All of these are some examples of Symmetrical:

    Since I have shown you all these, don't you think the answer to your question would be no? If you think it or not....the answer issss... NO.

Hope I was a help! ^_^

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i dont think he means how they look on the battlefield. if say machoke was standing straight up he would be symmetrical.
Uh ah. If you look a bit more. You will find that I have written about the P on his belt. That is what makes it unsymmetrical.
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no for example kingler has a larger claw on one arm

Isn't that claw just closer to the 'camera' though?
nope ones actually bigger
no it isn't...
@Ronnoc: You are in fact wrong.
if you look in the trivia section of this page it says so:
Its also very noticable from the back sprite
so take out the down vote
they are the same size to me..
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No, because Rotom wash doesn't have a hose on both sides of it. (Thats just an example)

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No if you just look at certain Pokemon you will notice. Kyurem is one and kingler spinda I don't think meloetta. There are a lot more but those were just the ones on the top of my head.

I mean I think Meloetta but I'm not sure. My bad.
Just use the edit button next time.