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I mean...pokemon was created for youngsters that probably wouldn't understand stuff like Ev's and Iv's and other V's. They also won't understand how to use berries competetively and good items like like life orbs and focus sashes. Also they won't understand the value of badly good items like poison orbs and ring targets. So what was game freak aiming for when they created this complex game for youngsters.

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Who said Pokemon was for "youngsters"?
Well you don't see the majority of buyers 12 up do you
lol How would you know? :P
I'm 21 and still play. Been playing Pokemon since it came out first Gen.
evs will kill a child :P

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Pokemon wasn't never supposed to seem complex at all. Remember, we broke into the sourcecode in order to find out many things about the Pokemon game. See this answer for more information.
If we never broke in, we never would have known what EVs and IVs are. Competitively speaking, many items present today in the Metagame aren't always the best when it comes to ingame. Choice Scarf seems unreasonable, as switching moves would be more beneficial ingame. Toxic Orb? "Oh noes, why would I want to Poison my Pokemon? That would be so cruel!" In all seriousness, it seems if GameFreak but these supposed bad items for people to test out on their Pokemon. People would have actually have to think about what item pairs up with what, as you can't exactly get 6 Leftovers in one game (Except D/P/Pt). They would have needed to get creative with their item choices, and people discovered that Choice Specs is perfect for muscling through some Pokemon, and sometimes a loss of HP is okay for a better shot at knocking out the opponent. And Toxic Orb on a Guts Pokemon seem to work very well.

That's my take on it.

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For EV's, IV's, and other V's, this just made it so we could "personalize" our Pokemons. I Mean, all Infernapes as Special attackers? or Physical? that gets boring, so EV's/IV's are to make them "better".

As for Items, it's to make the game more interesting, and make more strategies. Sure, some items are worthless, but moves like trick can mess up an opponent if you give them a bad item, right?

And who said I was a youngster? >:)