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What are good items for competetive battling?

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2 Answers

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  • King's Rock
  • Lum Berry
  • Petaya Berry
  • Liechi Berry
  • Salac Berry
  • Custap Berry
  • Leftovers
  • Life Orb
  • Toxic Orb
  • Flame Orb
  • Flying Gem
  • Black Sludge
  • Choice Scarf
  • Choice Band
  • Choice Specs
  • Muscle Band
  • Wise Glasses
  • Focus Sash
  • Air Balloon
  • Shed Shell
  • Eviolite
  • Chesto Berry
  • Light Clay
  • Normal Gem
  • Damp Rock
  • Heat Rock
  • Smooth Rock
  • Icy Rock
  • Red Card
  • Expert Belt
  • Mind Plate
  • Dread Plate
  • Spooky Plate
  • Zap Plate
  • Insect Plate
  • Splash Plate
  • Stone Plate
  • Earth Plate
  • Flame Plate
  • Sky Plate
  • Iron Plate
  • Toxic Plate
  • Meadow Plate
  • Draco Plate
  • Icicle Plate
  • Fist Plate
  • Silk Scarf
  • Iron Ball
  • Rock Helmet
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Mew I'll BA it but take off the items that only affect one pokemon
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Almost every item can be put to use.

Because it would take forever to detail you from a not-sure POV, check here.

Each link from here will help you.

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