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For example, the item Charcoal. Charcoal would be used on a Houndoom moveset a computer could use for Battle Facilities such as the Battle Tree. However, in formats such as Gen 8 OU, the item Charcoal isn't a good item. Are there any other items like this, where an item would be used on a Pokemon that a computer could use for Battle Facilities, but aren't good for formats such as Gen 8 OU?

Definitely... shell bell... haven't seen it before but muscle band..there's actually quite a lot
Mystic Water and Big Root, perhaps?
probably all the plates, too. Bright Powder, etc. I've seen some weird ones.
In gen 2, the only good item is leftovers. All other items used by Battle Tower Pokemon are bad.
While I don't have the other battle facilities, I can do for gen 7 battle tree if you want because I have a list for all the held items of battle tree pokemon. Can't do gen 8 tho
You can do Gen 7.
Plates can be good in situations where you need a little extra damage or want to lure and fake a Choice Band/Specs and can’t use an Expert Belt/Life Orb to do it. Yveltal uses Dread Plate pretty often. Plates also cannot be Knocked Off. :P

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Alright here's what I found
There are a lot of things used by the AI that, well, aren't the best. While listing even single one would be impossible, I have gathered most of the items used in gen 7 battle tree that aren't as good as others. Note that this is a bit biased cause I found it. But I'll give you this google sheets to see for yourself. Make a copy if you want to use it for yourself. Also, I likely missed a few, but don't judge there was a lot lol. Alright here goes.

Super effective damage lowering berries.(they used pretty much all of them)
Type move boosting items (charcoal, magnet, mystic water, etc.)
Bright powder
Kings rock(this is good on things like cloyster and cinccino, but they weren't used on them)
Lax incense
Wise glasses
Big root
Focus band
Shell bell
Float stone
Quick claw(not bad, but not the best)
Status condition curing berries(paralyisis one especially. Lum and chesto are actually not bad)
Absorb bulb
Muscle band
Wide lens
Razor claw
Razor fang
Wise glasses
Scope lens
Zoom lens
Jabboca berry
Binding band
Cell battery
Luminous moss
Like I said, probably missed some, and you may think some of those are useful, but also like I said, there's the Google sheets if ya want it.
Hope I helped
EDIT: I found the original page I found the lookup on I think, so here is the link. You open the sheets, make a copy, and then you can use it for yourself an dit should work. If it doesnt, I'll try and find another link.

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I can't seem to enter the Google sheet. Maybe u shld make it available to everyone that use the link.

Quick claw(not bad, but not the best
Status condition curing berries(paralyisis one especially. Lum and chest are actually not bad)

Wdym mean by this^
I'll see what I can do for the sheet. As for quick claw, it's kinda a random luck item, with a chance of moving first but also a good chance that it won't. Some people actually use it competitively, but I didn't think it was all that good myself. For the berries, they used cheri berries a lot, one that heals paralysis, a lot. They also used lum berries, which are used competitively, as well as  chesto berries for rest.
Yeah, some people like Quick Claw + Quick Draw, but, personally, I prefer a Specs / Lefties + Regenerator set.