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Right so the battle tower is driving me insane in Pokemon Pearl. Been trying to get it for like a bloody year, no kidding. Getting a 50 win streak is relatively easy for me, but a 100 one, jesus that's hard.
My highest streak is around 63 I believe which I got with Starmie, Garchomp and Snorlax. That team was highly inconsistent so I have tried many different teams, but I am now thinking that the problem is my capability as a trainer. So I wonder; What are some important things to think about when battling in the Battle Tower? Are there any good tricks to try? etc etc. Anything is appreciated, Im going insane.

Try using a Milotic with Toxic, Recover, Hydro Pump and Ice Beam. Use it as a bulky water.  That's how I got my highest win streak which was about the same as yours. Since you're using a Garchomp, try having a Tyranitar or Hippowdon as a teammate. Weather is still permanent in gen 4 so that evasion could net you a win. I did that a few times and it did help
Oh thanks so much! I have multiple other teams, just fyi. Check my rate my team (Still at the top) for my current one. Also, if you have ideas for movesets and held items, please tell me!

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  1. EV train... max out the two most important/beneficial to your Pokemon
  2. Breed your Pokemon to acquire the perfect
    IV's that your Pokemon requires or would benefit most from.
  3. Have a strategic team- this includes walls( or tankers,pokemon who can take hits also who can setup some status moves), powerhouses (capable of 1 or 2 hit KOs).
  4. Setup moves and status moves are extremely important.
  5. Good coverage, good predictions and luck
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Thanks!!! I would do Iv's, but in gen 4 specifically IV's are so hard to get good ones I just wont. Luckily, no pokemon in the Battle Tower have IV's until battle 101. Otherwise, I got it covered!
I reccomend you use an iv calculator to determine your iv's then. As you have been playing for a quite a while now I guess you're pretty high leveled now, you can check your iv's if you've kept track of your ev training...if you want to be breed a perfect iv pokemon...catch at least two who have maximum iv's in at least 3 different stats and breed them
IV's dont appear on opponents until trainer 101 aparently, so you won't really need iv's.