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After ALOT of work I think I have made the best team possible in the Battle Tower in generation 4, a team I can finally stand by, but I cant choose from two different teams. If you will actually read this, I will list my seperate teams, I would appreciate you saying which one you prefer and why, then I can finally just stand by one team. Here we go:

Team 1
Evs - 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Hp
Nature - Timid
Moves - Thunderbolt, Psychic, Surf, Ice Beam
Item - Life Orb
Ability - Natural Cure

Evs - 252 Attack, 248 Hp, 8 Speed
Nature - Jolly
Moves - Swords Dance, Roost, Earthquake, Stone Edge
Item - Leftovers
Ability - Hyper Cutter

Evs - 252 Attack, 252 Hp (I think)
Nature - Adamant
Moves - Explosion, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt
Item - Lum Berry
Ability - Clear body

Team 2
Evs - 252 Attack, 252 Speed
Nature - Adamant
Moves - Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Rock Slide, Crunch
Item - Lum Berry
Ability - Sand Stream

Evs - 252 Attack, 160 Hp, 96 Speed
Nature - Adamant
Moves - Earthquake, Outrage, Fire Fang, Aerial Ace
Item - Choice Scarf
Ability - Sand Veil

Evs - 252 Defense, 129 Hp, 129 Special Attack
Nature - Timid
Moves - Toxic, Recover, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
Ability - Marvel Scale
Item - Fire Orb

That is ist I believe! With a satisfying answer to this question, I can finally put teambuilding to rest. Remember that this is for the fourth generation. Any feedback is appreciated.

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You're ev spreads on team 2 are bad. You're wasting ev's by not having them in multiples of 4, and Milotic has max defensive over max hp. In addition, I would recommend surf over hydro pump, a defensive nature over an offensive one, and max special defense on milotic because of the marvel scale boost to defensive

For garchomp, Make the ev's max attack max speed, and replace aerial ace. I'd recommend stone edge or rock slide.

Tyranitar is a fine sweeper, but the flame orb on milotic will make it take even more chip damage from permanent sand.

And team 1 is fine.
I don't think I need max speed as the choice scarf allows me to outspeed almost everything. Oh and do you see anything on team 1 that might improve it?
Team 1 is fine.
So nothing to improve? Wonderful.
Replace flame orb on Milotic with leftovers. Milotic will die very quickly under sand and flame orb. It has max defense evs so it won't really matter. And like Spill said, better for a defensive nature rather than offensive. Timid isn't bad but its longevity is gonna be cut without it

Replace aerial ace. Garchomp's earthquakes and outrages will deal more damage than a super effective aerial ace unless the ai uses Breloom. Give it stone miss or dragon claw

On Tyranitar, I think it is too risky not to have a dedicated bulky pokemon. Give it chople berry (or whatever that berry was that reduces fighting type damage) instead. Surprise brick break and rip Tyranitar. So on this, give it a bulky ev spread. Dragon dance boosted attacks from an adamant nature Tyranitar are gonna hurt with or without ev investment

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Team 1 is better. It just is. Gliscor is a defensive beast along with Metagross and Starmie is just better than Milotic. I don't care what anyone else says, but Starmie is better than Milotic, and Team 2 is worst than Team 1. Your putting Explosion on Metagross. Cool. Let it almost die then kill it. Nice. I can agree with everything on Team 1, but Team 2... poor Team 2. Like the comments pointed out, Milotic is going to be gone like the wind with Burn+ Sandstorm. I personally really like T-tar (I'm biased, don't hate me for it.). Stone Miss outclasses Aerial Ace, though you will be locked into Stone Miss. Not awesome, but better than Aerial Ace. Anyway, Team 1 is better (in my opinion, but this is your choice). Hope this helps!!!

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Thanks! I think that Milotic and Starmie is aound the same level, altough I was pretty dumb pairing it with permanent sandstorm. Milotics extreme bulk with its few weaknesses, relatively diverse moveset and decent Special Attack makes it pretty good.
Yes, its true that most electric and grass type moves are special (please correct me if this is before the type split between physical and special) which Milotic can tank nicely, but overall, you have some nice immunities on Team 1 (poison, electric, ground) and the pure bulk and physical strength of Gliscor and Metagross, paired with the sweepy-ness (LOL) of Stamie is a great combo. A Weakness Policy on Tyranitar (please say it exists in gen 4) would help a lot. Still, team 1 works really well in my opinion.