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As I have said before in different questions, I'm trying to get a 100-win streak in the battle tower in Pokemon pearl and I have made multiple competitive Pokemon including (but not limited to), tyranitar, scizor, heatran, raikou, starmie, kingdra, garchomp, weavile, mamoswine and more. If anyone got any tips of which Pokemon I should use and which combination I should use, please tell me, and if anyone in generation 4 has a good competetive Pokemon and could borrow me one I know a way that we can trade internationally despite the fact that the wi-fi stuff has been shut down in ds games, just tell me if you wanna trade it would be appreciated.
I know it's a long question but I'm desperate, any answers would be highly appreciated!

I think you should use Pokemon that are strong in speed and one attack stat, and make a team that covers as many different type combinations as possible.
Thanks! Could you give examples of pokemon and combinations of different pokemon that could be effective?
Ground is often a good attack type, and fire, ice, flying, and rock all pair well with ground.
What about maybe Garchomp, heatran and Jynx?
I think Weavile is better than Jynx. Weavile covers psychic and ghost while none of those 3 do.
Good point, I was just thinking about fighting types.

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