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As I have said before in different questions, I'm trying to get a 100-win streak in the battle tower in Pokemon pearl and I have made multiple competitive Pokemon including (but not limited to), tyranitar, scizor, heatran, raikou, starmie, kingdra, garchomp, weavile, mamoswine and more. If anyone got any tips of which Pokemon I should use and which combination I should use, please tell me, and if anyone in generation 4 has a good competetive Pokemon and could borrow me one I know a way that we can trade internationally despite the fact that the wi-fi stuff has been shut down in ds games, just tell me if you wanna trade it would be appreciated.
I know it's a long question but I'm desperate, any answers would be highly appreciated!

I think you should use Pokemon that are strong in speed and one attack stat, and make a team that covers as many different type combinations as possible.
Thanks! Could you give examples of pokemon and combinations of different pokemon that could be effective?
Ground is often a good attack type, and fire, ice, flying, and rock all pair well with ground.
What about maybe Garchomp, heatran and Jynx?
I think Weavile is better than Jynx. Weavile covers psychic and ghost while none of those 3 do.
Good point, I was just thinking about fighting types.

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You can look up some strategies or use this. There is a lot of stuff over there but you can a team with a Fire type, Water type, Grass type, Electric type, and the rest is whatever you want. Maybe ground and dragon or flying and psychic or whatever. Looks like you got Legendaries so use those. Also if you can’t find something good to make the battle easier, use something like Stealth Rock and maybe have like Toxic. Hope this helped.

Stealth rock is bad in the Battle Frontier because opponents rarely switch.
And if their Pokémon faints, then something has to come out, right? Then they will be affected.
That happens twice per battle, and stealth rock usually damages 1/8 of their HP each time. It's not worth a move slot and a turn to use stealth rock when a regular attack move usually does more damage than stealth rock.
Yeah I guess your right but if their Pokémon are weak to it, it hits hard.  And if it is something like Charizard, well than it hits really hard.  It can be useful.  It’s just a suggestion.
Why don't you just use rock slide? That way you can hit the rock-weak Pokemon after the opponent reveals it.
So because your opponent might have a Charizard, you want to use Stealth Rock? That's untelligent.