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So this is its moveset:
IVs: Max hp, defense and Sp.def, 0 speed
EVs: 252 hp, 128 defense, 128 Sp.def
Nature: Brave/Quiet
1. Power Split: Great for making others weak (and yourself kinda strong). An alternative is Power trick which eventually makes this kinda broken with trick room.
2. Earthquake/Earth Power
3. Rock Slide/ Stone Edge/ Rock Tomb
4. Sludge Bomb/Sludge Wave
You can use Dusknoir to set this thing up with trick room, and probably add another sweeper Pokemon (or use this itself lmao) to wait (and kill?) while the opponent slowly dies.
Its stats mean that you have an attack or special attack of 30 or 33 depending on nature, greatly lowering the stats of other Pokemon like Aegislash or Rhyperior

In a 1v1 battle in the battle tower in sword and shield.

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What format/rules are you asking about?
Its best if you run Contrary + Shell Smash on Shuckle rather than Withdraw, as it'll raise both Sp. Def and Defense rather than just Defense.
Specify format. Shuckle also can't learn recover and trick room. Gyro Ball, despite high BP, is wasted on Shuckle dut it's pitiful offenses. Same goes for Earthquake. Shuckle doesn't have reliable recovery and is complete taunt bait, so it isn't a very good wall in most formats where it's available.
What are the attack EVs for? They're nearly wasted on Shuckle,  it's offensive stats are garbage.
I don't play Battle Tower but this is likely a bad/unnecessary strategy. It involves many turns of setup, completes battles slowly, has average coverage, and leaves you in a bad position if it doesn't work.
In the thread linked above, you can see successful teams use lots of "four attacks" movesets and bread+butter setup sweepers like Cloyster. It's not needed to have a convoluted Shuckle strat, especially if you allow yourself to use Dmax.

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Short answer: No

Long answer: Shuckle has one purpose, and that is disruption. By disruption I mean a few things.

1: Set up Sticky Web and Stealth Rock to provide speed control and chip damage to make your main attackers jobs easier

2: Use Knock Off to throw a monkey wrench into item dependant strategies

3: Use Toxic to poison the opposition.

That is Shuckles job, and he is darn good at it. Here are the reasons your set isn't great.

1: The Shuckle set you came up with is completely outclassed by other Trick Room Pokémon such as Dusknoir, Conkeldurr, Calyrex-I, Marowak, and Beheeyem.

2: Even with Power Split, Shuckle will still, in almost all cases, fall short.

3: If you use this you are wasting Shuckle's true potential as an amazing hazard setter.

So to sum it all up, your set was neat, and it was a cool idea, but the bottom line (in my opinion) is that you shouldn't use this. If you want a trick room team, here are some Pokémon to use insteadof Shuckle. (You can ask me for the sets on my wall if you're interested)

Good Trick Room Setters (Bold lettering means the best options):

  • Mimikyu

  • Hatterenne

  • Porygon2

  • Dusknoir

  • Cofagrigus

  • Musharna

  • Beheeyem

The reason Mimikyu is good is because he guarantees surviving to set up Trick Room with his Disgiuse ability. Hattrenne's Magic Bounce means she can't be taunted to block Trick Room, plus she can use the Trick room to sweep.

Good Trick Room Attackers (Bold lettering means the best options):












I know I tacked on some stuff that you may not have wanted, but I hope it helps! Contact me on my wall if you want full sets for any of the Pokémon I listed.