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I want to breed a shuckle with Infestation and Toxic
I know that I should use Skorupi/Drapion to get toxic through egg move and Dewpider for Infestation

Is there any way I can learn both egg moves or any other method???

Any help is appreciated

What gender is shuckle?

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A bit of a challenge to track down, given how some pages are still using Sun/Moon information, and many of the Sword/Shield pages are still incomplete. But, I found an answer.

The culprit here is that Infestation is no longer a TM in Sword/Shield. This greatly limits the "inputs" available. The only Pokemon in the Bug egg group that learn Infestation by level-up in Sword/Shield are Dewpider/Araquanid and Frosmoth. There is likely also a pathway through other Pokemon for which Infestation is an egg move as well, so that you could chain through them. But with both Frostmoth and Dewpider already in the Bug group, that seems simpler.

As for Toxic, It's the same situation. Toxic is no longer a TM, so you have to source it in a Pokemon that learns it by level-up, and pass it around. Skorupi/Drapion is a good candidate. The only other Pokemon in the Bug egg group that learns Toxic by level-up is Vespiqueen, but that's not helpful, since Vespiqueen can only be female, and the female determines the specie of the eggs produced. Again, there is likely another pathway through egg moves to get Toxic into the Bug egg group. But with Skorupi already available, that seems simpler.

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The asker already knows that Skorupi and Dewpider can learn those moves by level up. I'm pretty sure the question asks what to do with the Skorupi and Dewpider.
"Is there any way I can learn both egg moves or any other method???" seems to indicate to me they are trying to consolidate into a single breeding action, or looking for other Pokemon (perhaps more easily obtainable Pokemon) they could use to achieve the desired moveset.  Nowhere in the question do they indicate this question has anything to do with the Skorupi or the Dewpider, beyond the capability of donating the egg moves.
Thanks so much for the help, I tried it and all has worked out now :)))