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Is Recycle a good follow-up to the Acrobatics + Flying Gem combo?

Being able to hit triple power multiple times sounds amazing, but, is it worth it or too risky to leave an opening to "recharge" when Acrobatics' base power's only dropped to 110?

It would probably be on a Drifblim or one of the lake trio, for reference.

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Wouldn't this make you lose Speed after Recycle...?
That makes you more vulnerable lol

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Depends if you want to waste a turn or not. I wouldnt want to waste that turn plus Drifblim will work better without an item if it has its Unburden Ability.

So Unburden can be canceled even after its been activated?
... You can tell I've never used anything with that ability :'D

Thank you for the tag fix~
No problem. When an item is regained you lose the speed boost too.
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I wouldn't say it is really worth it, people just usually use acrobatics drifblim to get the unburden boost, not to destroy the opponent. It could work, that is if you want to use up a turn. It would be easier to just attack the foe three times.

For Archeops, it also gets STAB which brings it up to a massive 247.5 base power if you use flying gem!!

Yeah, I'll definitely agree there's way better Pokemon to pick from without needing both moves-- and with Archeops' stats...

I'm already used to a non-attacking turn with Azelf for Nasty Plot, but I guess it's pretty different when the effect doesn't need to be reapplied constantly.

Thank you~ At least that tells me the Acrobatics part can stay. >w<