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Dragon Pulse so you don't get confused, but if you want high PP (1 PP= 2 or 3 PP in Outrage) go with Outrage, but if you do, give it a lum berry or something to stop the confusion. But personally,I'd choose dragon pulse because reshiram has higher Special Attack compared to it's normal attack, so I'd chosoe Dragon Pulse. Unless the EVs make your attack better, then go with Lum berry and Outrage.

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thanks! can you name maybe some items that stop confusion? I know only about the Persim Berry.
Lum Berry and persim berry.
Don't use Outrage, Dragon Pulse is MUCH better.
That's why I suggested it. But if he wants all the berries that stop confusion I'll tell him all of them
I was hoping there was a item that isn't a berry that stops confusion so in that case I'll keep dragon pulse.
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dragon pulse because outrage can confuse your reshiram. plus if you have a high friendship with your reshiram, go to Opleucid city and go to the west of the Pokemon centre and head up the path by the electric keybord dude (north) and go into draydens house. he will teach any of your dragon types the powerfullest dragon type move: draco meteor. it can be an backup for your reshirams dragon pulse.
I also recommend this move set (since I have a reshiram myself.)
fusion flare (fire) - awesome move, powerful too
fly/ fire blast (if you want to fly to some where and you don't have a flying type that can learn the move fly, use this. if you already have a Pokemon that can learn the move fly, use fireblast since it goes with the fire theme.)
dragon pulse - better not use outrage mate
draco meteor - backup for dragonpulse.

-hope I helped!

plus Reshiram is an sp. attacker