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Okay, I'm making a competitive battle team and I wanted to ask which dragon type would be the best to get a Ninjask boost. Also, I'm not sure weather thy should be jolly or adamant. Garchomp Salamance Haxourus


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It really depends what your strategy is or what your team lacks in. By Strategy, I mean Weather. If you have a Sandstorm team that your setting up, Garchomp is your best Choice seeing as it has the ability Sand Veil, but you will need a Hippowdon/Tyranitar in your team to set up the Sandstorm and sweep.

Now, by what your lacking in, I mean stats. If your team is all Attack, a SP Attacker won't hurt. Salamence is recommended if you lack a SP Attacking force, and Haxorus is recommended if you lack a Physical Attacker. Movesets need to support the strategy and stats you Dominate in. Hope this helps...

EDIT:For a Speed Boost, Haxorus or Garchomp is the way to go seeing as Salamence has good Speed. Haxorus is more recommended than Garchomp for a Speed Boost. Hope this helps...

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It really depends on the rest of your team. However, if you just want one that will benefit most from that speed boost, I'd have to say either Garchomp or Haxorus. Haxorus has below average speed for a Dragon, so it would like a speed boost to take down other Dragons first. Garchomp has great Speed, but a stat raise will allow it to outspeed foes like Cryogonal.

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Okay, lets look at them all:

  • Garchomp:
    Garchomp has a fairly high amount of speed, so one boost may be enough for it, than it can commence sweeping. lt doesn't need it that bad.

  • Salamence:
    Salamence like Garchomp, will pretty much be able to sweep with one boost, which can be supplied by a Dragon Dance.
    So unless Salamence has D-Dance, it won't need a boost.

  • Haxorus:
    Haxorus is like and Salamence, it can gain the necessary speed by simply D-Dancing, but with a slightly higher base attack.

Pretty much, all three are fine without a boost, but would be GREAT with a boost.

Depending on the Pokemon, faster Pokemon will pretty much not need speed, so Adamant would be fine.
If you wanna play it safe and sweep right away, go with Jolly.
If you're going to set up (or Baton Pass speed) go with Adamant.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your team! ~

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Of all three pokemon my vote goes to garchomp he has the bulk,the power,the speed and a powerful typing.

salamence and haxorus are tied and no.2 in my opinion

salamence have a sp.atk capability to deal with physical walls plus he has intimidate which is awesome.

haxorus has higher attack but a slower speed compared to salamence but if you get 2 speed boost it wouldn't matter anymore.plus he has mold breaker and minus the 4x ice weakness.