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Okay, so I'm battling this guy (the one I mentioned before) and in addition to the Azelf and Regigigas previously mentioned. I'm pretty sure he's going to be using a substitute/baton pass ninjask, then uses I think either agility or swords dance (I can't remember which) then baton passes to rampardos. He first sends out Azelf and Taunts, so I was planning on using Aerodactyl and Taunting first. If I can taunt first, will ninjask then later not be able to use substitute and/or baton pass? And what should I do if I don't get to Taunt first for whatever reason ?
Also, is there any way I can prevent substitute, or get rid of it after he uses it?


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You need to taunt ninjask to stop setting up. If you have anyone with aqua jet/mach punch you can kill his rampardos before he can attack... Focus sash infernape is a viable option. I would say taunt ninjask, because that will essentially force a switch. Set up stealth rock with aerodactyl after taunting azelf. This will mean ninjask will be 2hko'd by stealth rock (if not, mach punch will kill it.) In summary, lead with aerodactyl, taunt then stealth rock, then when he throws out ninjask, taunt with infernape then mach punch him. Hope this helps!