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Let's say I have an Ampibom with Substitute and Baton Pass and a Shuckle in my party.
I'll use Substitute first, and let's say this sub does not get broken. I then Baton Pass onto Shuckle, so he now has a Substitute up. I know that this sub currently has an HP of 1/4 of Ambipom's Health. However, I want to know whether Ambipom's or Shuckle's defensive stats are used to calculate damage for the substitute.

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It will now be Shuckle's stats that affect the sub. However the health of the sub does not change. If it's 1/4 of Ambipom's health then the sub will be 1/4 with Shuckle's stats.

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Shuckle's defense is applied, although its unlikely to see Ambipom take a hit behind a Substitute and resist it normally.

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