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Are there any speed boost-pokemon(Scolipede, Ninjask etc...) who can have the moveset: Encore, Substitute, Protect and Baton Pass?(If not Encore, then maybe a sleep move or something that can give you a free turn or two.)(In OU)

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Unfortunately, no Pokémon has Speed Boost and is able to learn all four of these moves, but Pokemon like Togekiss can at least have the moveset. Other Pokémon with this moveset are: Mr. Mime, Ledian, Plusule, Minun, Volbeat, Illumise, Spinda, Lopunny, Emolga, Accelgor, and of course Smeargle.

However, you also said that you were fine with a Pokémon with Speed Boost, Substitute, Protect, Baton Pass, and "something that can give you a free turn or two." Blaziken, Scolipede, and Ninjask can all learn the three moves you wanted, and all of them can also learn Double Team and Swagger, take your pick.

Hopefully you can find something that works for you, based on what I suggested. If you have questions, feel free to comment or something. Anyway, hope I helped!

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The answer to all your prayers....


Edit : it doesnt have speed boost but still learns the moves tho

Ah goddammit that thing, I forgot entirely about it xD
I just realised it doesnt have speed boost though
Then thats no good, you scared me -_-
i just lost +1 ;_;
I was the one who took it back, I sincerely thought I was wrong lol
But then you're back to square one right? So I took it back, sorry
Smeargle would be good, guess i can change out protect for agility or something.
You're better off going with sticky web, it's better than agility will ever be
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Yes, Blaziken and Scolipede do.
But knowing that Scolipede is unavailable to most, I suggest you use Blaziken, or even Mega Blaziken, if you don't follow tiering (the Mega is Ubers). Also it get's Speed Boost normally, while the normal Blaziken get's it via HA (hidden ability), so yake your pick.

EDIT: OU tier does not have any Pokemon that gets all those moves with the ability normally
Source - I did some searching
Hope I helped!

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The normal one is not anymore I think
I'm pretty sure it still is
You're out of luck then, since now there is no other pokemon that normally gets all of this
Okey then, thanks for taking the time to check around and answering
You can still use Combusken in OU, if you really want to