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I really want to replace ninjask for one of my favorites!


Edit: I need to know how I can breed it to get it all the steps.

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you mean in the game, right?
I. Think it can learn agility
guys I need to know how to get blazken with speed boost and batton pass via breeding a male blazken so please can some one answer this!!!

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If this is in generation 3 or 4, you can't get it at all, because hidden abilities are only available in gen 5. Starters are not in dream world, they were given out at an event really early with their hidden abilities. As for baton pass, you have to breed it onto blaziken, on gen 4 and gen 5 only.
To breed it, get a male Pokémon that knows baton pass. Get a female blaziken with speed boost (have to hack if you didn't get the event). Make sure the baton male is in the same egg group, Pokémon include eevee and its evolutions, sentret, furret, aipom, ambipom, girafarig, mawile, buneary and lopunny. Finally, put them in the daycare, get the egg, hatch it and get lucky (might need to breed multiple times to get speed boost.

Hope this helps!

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my question was how to breed it to get it
Short and Simple here.

You can't get Baton Pass with Speed Boost. You just can't.
Just saying, if you are really desperate or choose not to read my answer, I got one word for you, action replay or poke edit.
whats poke edit is it a pokemon maker?
Can you find a HA Blaziken in Crown Tundra?