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What Pokemon are ideal for the job.


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Terrakion and Heracross are two fighting types that are excellent BP receivers. Terrakion can use his monstrous attack and speed stats to wreak havoc with mainly Close Combat and Stone Edge, his two powerful STABs. Heracross can receive speed and attack boosts to sweep and use his god-send ability, Moxie. Sending Heracross a couple speed and attack boosts would allow him to nab a Moxie boost from a coverage move or one of his 2 insane STABs, Close Combat and Megahorn, and afterwards Moxie will continue to raise his attack, and even the premier OU physical walls have trouble taking +4 and +5 Close Combat's and Megahorns.

Other fighting types that might receive a BP from Ninjask with very sweepy results would be Meinshao, Lucario, and possibly Virizion and Cobalion.

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