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[email protected] focus sash
ability: speed boost
evs: 252 atk & speed; 4 def
- X-scissor
- Aerial Ace
- (filler)
- (filler)
Must cover most Pokemon and least Pokemon with any resistances to all as possible.
Going to be baton passed +6 atk stages.


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Protect is a must.

Protect will guaruntee a +1 Speed Boost, as well as scout for potential Rock, Fire or Electric attacks.

Other than Protect, since I assume you aren't using Ninjask for Baton Passing, I would suggest either Toxic, U-Turn or Endure. Toxic lets you cripple an opponent if his demise is imminent. U-Turn lets you escape to live another day, but you'll lose the +6 Attack. Endure is situational, but if it gives you a pseudo-Focus Sash if you really need it.

Okay, here's a set for All-Out Attacking Ninjask, not what I'd recommend but it's what you want.

X-Scissor /Aerial Ace / Night Slash / Dig

This is, literally, the farthest you can get coverage-wise without going into Special Attacks. Ninjask also gets Metal Claw, but it's insanely weak and Night Slash/Dig is probably better.

This moveset hits

303 Pokémon neutrally.

475 Pokémon super effectively.

0 Pokémon not-very-effectively.

0 Pokémon with no effect.

That's the best I can do. If you're desperate for coverage, you could dip into his Special movepool.

Giga Drain, Hidden Power, Solar Beam, and Shadow Ball.

enter image description here

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doesn't handle tons of types ( like have all out attacks and different types that go well together), please read the description.
Ninjask isn't meant to be an all-out attacker, so I gave it as much survivability as possible :\ But fine, I'll edit my answer.
remember the attack boost, and all that speed.
Done. Mega Beedrill is probably better, though. But you can do what you like :)
Thanks, I'm using mega sceptile, and that's perfect coverage.