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I start with Ninjask. She uses protect for a speed boost. Then she uses Swords Dance, and stays alive with Her focus sash. then uses protect, to get one more speed boost. Now I'll Baton-Pass to Mawile, who will have an Occa berry (defending against its only special weakness- fire).

Mawile is fast enough to use Iron defense, and strong enough to take out any threat. After a few attacks I'll use Iron defense (if possible), or Baton-Pass to Swampert, who will be armored, compensating for its low defense.

Swampert should be able to sweep at least two opponents hopefully. and if it works I still have a Mawile to fight with, and a Ninjask with enough hp and speed for one more attack or to give Mawile a speed boost again. Thoughts on this?

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A very risky strategy, if you mess it up, you've pretty much lost the battle, but if you succeed, you destroy your opponent. Here are a few of my thoughts as to how I would counter this team, exposing some flaws you would need to be ready for.

1.The minute you see a pokemon like ninjask or Mawile in the competitive scene, you know baton pass is coming, you said it yourself, it's all they're good for. So I could just use the move taunt and force them to hit me with weak attacks before they can get in any boosts.

2.Most of the time, ninjask will stall with protect to boost its speed. So if I don't use taunt, I would boost my own stats, predicting a switch based off of your team.

3.Huge fire weakness. Even with Swampert, the rest of your team has to be ready for fire type moves. both the pokemon you have to carry out your plan will fall to just about any fire move. On top of that, many non fire types come armed with flamethrower, so it requires careful prediction on your part.

4.Punishment would rip you apart, capped at 200 base power (300 on a dark type like houndoom, yikes!)

5.Mawile's defense might be pretty impressive, but it's the only worthwhile stat. There's not much point in setting up iron defense, seeing as nobody would hit it with a physical attack, most of the time, they'll abuse its low special defense.

6.You'll need a backup plan, since if this risky strategy fails, it could cost you the match.

On the plus side, this strategy has lots of potential... Perhaps have a team of powerful baton passers, and keep constant stat boosts throughout? Like have Umbreon for instance, with his low speed, you can safely switch in another pokemon so it won't get hit by the opponent.

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Seems quite good, actually. It Needs A Little improvement though such as a way for Mawile To Survive other weaknesses besides fire, and fire, afetr the berry is used. Otherwise, Great Strategy. You Could Also give Swampert a Berry Resisting Grass Atacks, so he could sweep the entire team. I Think This Strategy will end up about 50/50 helping half the time, and failing half the time. Good Job Thinking it up! I Would Recomend Testing It Out.. see if it can trick anyone:) If It Works, YAY! If Not, Try Improving it:)

Hope This Helps!

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Mawile has pretty awful stats and won't be able to take many attacks. Even the Occa Berry won't stop a Fire attack, and its speed still won't be great even with the boost from Ninjask.

Plus don't forget that you are basically sacrificing two Pokemon just to get a third that's above average. You'd be better off having three good Pokemon to start with.

No, ill use mawile too. and ninjask as well
Theyll attack. not JUST help
Except Mawile will only be able to get 2 attacks in max. And your Ninjask strategy is to kill it. The second you switch it back with 1 HP it will be dead. I don't think the strategy will work.
Ok... but im definately gonna try it
Nothing else good to do with a mawile or ninjask! lol
Mega Mawiles good