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It's great for baton passing.


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Before I answer this, I just want ot point out that just becuase a Pokemon is NU doesn't mean it isn't used in higher tiers. Yes, it's not great in those tiers (especially OU with Scolipede), but it is still useful for dedicated Baton Pass teams should Scolipede not be available. Also, you can still think that Ninjask should be higher, there's nothing wrong with that. Smogon just doesn't agree with you.

So why is Ninjask NU? Few reasons.

  • If anything is faster than it is (Choice Scarfers), it'll perish. It can use Protect, but if the other Pokemon moves before Ninjask can put up its Substitute, it'll die. Same thing will happen if it has a Sash, except Ninjask will not have as high health. Priority attacks have a similar effect.
  • Stealth Rock. Ninjask loses half of its health with every switch in when they're up. Nasty, huh?
  • Taunt is everywhere. All that needs to happen is Taunt and Ninjask loses its ability to set up and its ability to pass boosts.
  • As mentioned before, Scolipede pretty much keeps it out of OU since it will always be the superior Baton Passer. If it doesn't get the usage to go up a tier, it won't go up a tier.
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Probably cause it's defenses suck
Even though it's good for baton passing, it will still be taken out before it has a major chance to set up.
However... if it has a focus sash it can manage to take a hit, but priority can take this guy out quick

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how about with focus sash and protect
Lemme edit this real quick
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It has low defenses, mediocre attacking power, hardly any coverage moves and is very vunerable to Taunt, and can be taken out easily by any attack. But, yes, it is still great for Baton Passing-

Ninjask @ Focus Sash
EVs - 252 Spe, 252 Att, 4 HP
Nature - Jolly
Ability - Speed Boost

-Swords Dance
-Baton Pass

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Just to edit the set here... give Ninjask sash, cuz lefties won't do a thing
Quagsmire is right
why would you have a sash and substitute.... that's counter redundant
My ninjask on showdown has x-scissors instead of substitute and I just spam protect.