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How do you Get Regirock in Ruby/Sapphire?

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I know its in Desert Ruins but mine is CLOSED! how do I get it open and how do I solve the puzzle.

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Well, I don't know what you mean here. Either you mean you can get into the place but not go further, or the entrance to it just isn't there. Well, if you can get in, go with Bb's answer. If you can't ge in at all, I can help. Step 1: Go to Pacifilog and bring a Wailord in your 1st slot, and Relicanth in the 6th. You're also going to need a Pokemon with dig or the TM... 2: You land on a bunch of island as you head west, until you meet a place where you can swim underwater. 3: you follow the underwater passage, hen look at the writing on one of the walls. After this you come up from underwater. You should be in a Sealed Chamber now... 5: You walk to the far wall, look at the writing, and then use dig (if you have TM 28, teach it to a Pokemon now). 6: Walk to the far wall at this last chamber and look at it. 7: Switch Wailord and Relicanth in your party. Now the earthquake will start. It ends in a second or two and the 3 doors to the Regis are open (First dorr, not second). I'll also help to look at This video. That video will also give you how to open Regirock's door, along wih the other 2...

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