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Basically my brothers been playing ruby and he said he forgot to change the clock at the start of the game so it says the game's battery has run dry and time based events no longer occur and apparently you need to wait for a period of time before the doors open to their tombs.

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You do?
Yeah apparently you need to do a puzzle then go to their tombs and wait for a period of time before they open I think he hasn't done the puzzle yet because he hasn't finished the game but he doesn't know if they will open because the battery has went dry

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Yes, You can still capture them

Clock based events are stuff like day and night, so you would need them to get espeon and umbreon. In sapphire, to catch regice, you have to wait for about 2-3 minutes. This is not a "clock based" event as it can happen anytime.

Source: My battery has run dry for two years and I caught all three.

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What do you mean by battery?    P.S I only play Pokemon black and y
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Once you complete the final puzzle in the oceanfloor ruins the doors to all three ruins will open simultaneously and will remain open, so no problem

Btw, the only major things affected by the battery dying will be the in-game tides and Berry growth will be inhibited. But as a answered in another question, the battery IS replaceable