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  • Get a Relicanth and a Wailord, and a Pokemon with the move dig.
  • Go to pacifidlog town, then go west and find the sealed chamber in the currents (you'll need dive, and it's a rectangle surroundedby currents)
  • Follow the path way, eventually, there will be a braille wall where you use dig. Press A with the Wailord leading your party, and the relicanth in the last slot of your party.
  • This opens up the path to the regis.

Regirock is in the desert, regice is on route 105, and registeel is on route 120.

Their movesets are: Ancientpower, Curse, Superpower, and Metal Claw/Icy Wind/Rock Throw

Regirock Braille Message: Go two steps left, then two steps down. Use Rock Smash. Save and go battle Regirock.

Registeel: Go over to the braille and press A to read it. Go to the middle of the room and use Flash.

Regice: Staying next to the walls at all times, do a counterclockwise lap (walking, running, or on your bike) I think this one is different in Ruby And Sapphire.