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I accidentally critted Regirock in Pokemon White 2 and I don't know how to get him back. Is there a way?

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You can turn your DS off and back on again, or you can defeat Alder.

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I have beaten white 2 a few years ago and yesterday I turned on my DS in white 2 to catch the two Regis I could catch. And since I never beat them I am not completely sure but I think you need to beat the elite four and iris again. And if you cant level up your Pokémon to beat them I know the best way. You can go to the white tree hollow and beat all of the areas. If you have an exp.share then that is even better. Each area goes up a few levels so that your Pokémon can level up in the tree hollow at a steady pace. And at the final area the Pokémon you battle are just above the level of the elite four Pokémon. I hope I helped!

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Ok thanks. Im probably gonna grind haxorus more because her hydreigon is a problem and my haxorus knows Outrage