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In Black 2 and White 2, Marshal first appears outside the south entrance of Twist Mountain, where he will prevent the player from entering, saying there has been a cave-in.So if you dont talk to him what will he say when you meet at the Pokemon league?

Why because if you meet him at the Pokemon league,he will say,

"You look familiar... Ah, yes. I met you at Twist Mountain. The strength you are radiating is far greater now than before! Greetings,
challenger. My name is Marshal. I am the No. 1 pupil of my mentor,
Alder. In order to master the art of fighting, I've kept training.
You're also walking a similar path with your Pokémon. It is my
intention to test you--to take you to the limits of your strength.

He says he knows me because I met him at twist mountain in the main game.So what happens if idont talk to him? Will he say a different sentence since I didnt meet him at twist mountain?


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Found the definite answer on Bulbapedia.

Marshal says at the Pokémon League that the player met him at Twist Mountain, even if the player didn't meet him, he still says the same sentence in rematches.


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Marshal-You look familiar... Ah, yes. I met you at Twist Mountain