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In Black/White 2. I'm trying to get the medal. I always get one wrong, and every time I go back I keep forgetting what I put for the correct ones. /facepalm

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Your best bet is to just save before asking then just guessing if you don't know.  If you get it right yipee! If not just reset to the save and try again :)
Write down the answers as you go...
Save your game before the quiz it is just luck

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It turns out you can only answer one question a day, not all at once. Resetting does work to get the correct answer for each question but you still must wait a day for the next question. Here are all the questions and answers:

Which place is famous for an old rusty crane truck?
Virbank City

The trucks that run on Route 4 come in three different colors: red, blue, and...what?

Which question is this?
Third question

Which Gym has a yellow drill car?
Driftveil City

How many bulldozers are there in Twist Mountain?

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I've got the answer to all of the questions, which I created a section about on Bulbapedia: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Twist_Mountain#Truck_Quiz_.28TruQ.29
Thanks Fizzcube, updated the answer.
No worries, happy to contribute to it :D
Pokemaster's true purpose in asking this question was to get 7 upvotes for the answer, five upvotes for the question, and 2 points for selecting BA.
Wow. 132 points for the most obvious.
I find question three the hardest.