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An Eight ?'s item would be like [this.][1] You get (8 ?'s) from Decamarks.

Bulbapedia says it makes the migrated Pokemon glitched. I wonder if anyone has ever done that...

EDIT: Can I get a test of this to see what could happen for D/P, Pt, and HG/SS? I'm just curious to see what'd happen...
[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Ten_question_marks#Item

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Could be....
So,this pokemon is ...a bulbasaur !wow!
Don't think anyone would test, due to the potential of ruining their game.
Thanks for bringing this back up Trachy.
i heard that you can send out a decamarks via the pomeg glitch on bulbapedia
just letting you know there is at least one way to get decamarks.

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I just tested this for you , and nothing happened at all , I transferred the Pokemon to gen 4 and nothing happened at all , the game just ran normally.

(Edit) I just found this out after about 20mins of playing after I transsferred the Pokemon , it made the Pokemon look kind of distorted , its hard to explain.