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I REALLY want to get those three and Pinwheel forest is huge. My guide book stays:

    *Pinwheel forest deep in the forest(rustling grass)*
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As soon as you enter you should see a straight path near the moss rock. Keep on biking back and forth 'till you see the grass shaking

  EDIT:Some people don't seem to believe me and I want to make my answer clear. Any Pokemon that appears in shaking grass can appear in shaking grass. I know this because I always train with [email protected] your unlucky pansage happened to me before and I also got a unlucky panpour. Just wait. 
  What I mean by this answer CZ is that most of the forest is squiggly and shaking grass will appear anywhere with grass when you move for a period of time. Usually the routes are squiggly and it's just easier to run/bike along the the path given. You just didn't understand the question.
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No my answer is righter than yours
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Wut ever
Righter? Your answer just tells them to walk to the grass, when you never mentioned that russtling grass never has a fixed place. This shouldn't of recieved BA.
i did this and i found a pansear and panpour but no pansage T_T
That's because this answer is wrong. Not all shaking spots happen in one place.
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Rustling grass is random. There is no fixed area for it.

oh ok.