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I been looking all day for them and only saw two that both got critical hits and fainted. Im in the pinwheel forest and cant find any!

Me too. All I've found are Audino.

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For all three of the elemental monkeys its 10% in Lostlorn Forest and in Pinwheel Forest (Inside). In Lostlorn Forest you have Audino with 45%, Emolga 10%, Unfeazant 5%, Leavany 5%, and Whimsicott(Black) and Lilligant (White) 5%

Then In Pinwheel Forest you have Audino 65%, and Lilligant 5% and Whimsicott 5%

So overall its going to take a minute.

Really? I havent found any Audino in Pinwheel forest AND YOU FORGOT THE ALL IMPORTANT VENIPEDE but im still going to vote it up
Wesley means in patches of shaking grass.  And also, you can find them in shaking dreamyard patchs.   But I don't know the percents...