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i know in striaton city a girl gives u the one that is weak against your starter


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There are two ways -

  1. In the Dreamyard, not Striaton City, there is a girl standing near the lower right of the Cut tree. Talk to her, and she will ask you if you want one of the Pans, depending on your starter.

Snivy - Panpour
Tepig - Pansage
Ohsawott - Pansear

And the other ways is to catch them, as mentined before, in rustling grass in Lostlorn Forest and Pinwheel Forest (Inside only)

Is it the same in White 2??? I have Snivy as a starter, can I get a Panpour???
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they can be found in Rustling grass in Pinwheel Forest (inner) and Lostlorn Forest.

thx for the advice