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I heard someone say that you need Dialga to get to Sunyshore City. I know Team Galactis has all of them, is there someway to get Dialga from them?

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You find it on top of Mt. Coronet, follow the main story of the game and you will have no trouble finding it ;)

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I thought you could call dibs because I saw the Q when it was 1 second old, and I've seen it before, but I kept changing my mind and racking my brain to help a noob find Dialga. Then i decided I'd just put a video. I was unaware you were expert. I REALLY want Expert :(
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Yup. You have to. You need 7 Badges. You also need the HMs Strength, Rock Climb, and Other stuff. Use this video to help you. You must beat multiple Galactic Grunts, Jupiter, Mars, and Cyrus to fight Dialga. Then you'll be allowed in.

Good luck in the battle. :)

Thanks, I did and it was because of your awesome advice and video!