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I am in floaroma town and I want go to etherna city but those team galatic guys are in my way and they don't let me go to ethrna forest. what should i must do?

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If I remember it right you must defeat those galactic guys there first.
If you put it as an answer then I would make it the best answer. thank you a lot.

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  1. Go to Valley Windworks and battle the guy guarding the door. He will then go inside and lock the door.
  2. Go back to Floatoma Town, and fight the two Grunts blocking Floaroma Meadow. Go inside and get the key and a free sample of honey from the Keeper.
  3. Use the key to open the door to Valley Windworks. When you go inside, fight the Grunts. then at the end, you'll encounter Mars!
  4. Defeat Mars, and they will go away.

If that was confusing, this might help: http://www.psypokes.com/dp/walkthrough.php?part=2

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