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I want all of the Pokemon EVERY bad guy in the game uses.The Pokemon in team Galactic,Magma ,Aqua, Plasma, Rocket. I am going to make a team if you are wondering why I asked the question.

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Rocket: koffing, ekans, zubat, rattata, sandshrew, meowth, machop, grimer, cubone, oddish, venonat, houndoor, and all evolutions
aqua: zubat, carvanha, poocheyena, wailmer and evoutions
magma: zubat, numel, baltoy, poocheyena, and evolutions
galactic: zubat, wurmple, glameow, stunky, bronzor, croagunk, murkrow, houndoor, and evolutions
plasma: watchog, purlion, sandile, scraggy, trubbish, rattata, zubat, magnemite, grimer, koffing, sneasel, zangoose, seviper, skorupi, venipede, foongus, pawniard, deino, and evolutions

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