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Several factors contribute to the sequence of moves executed by a Pokemon:

  • The Pokemon's Speed stat. The higher the Speed stat, the faster a Pokemon is. If they have the same Speed, there is a 50% chance that one Pokemon will execute their move first.
  • Priority. If a Pokemon uses a priority move, it will be executed first, regardless of Speed. Speed is factored in when two moves of equal priority are used.
  • Trick Room. If Trick Room is in effect, then the slower Pokemon will move first, unless priority is in effect for that turn.
  • Also, Quick Claw has a chance to make your Pokemon move first, regardless of Speed stats. Priority is still in effect.
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Speed stat. If both are the same speed, it is determined randomly. Also, move priority says who go first as well. For example, Aqua Jet has higher priority than Iron Tail.

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Their Speed stat.

The Pokemon that moves first will have a higher Speed stat than the other, unless altered by things like Trick Room, Quick Claw, priority, etc.

In the case of a Speed tie, the Pokemon will each have a 50/50 chance of moving first.

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That would be the Speed stat.

Take two Lucarios, for example. Both level 100.

One has 256 Speed, while the other has 306. The one with 306 goes first.

The exception is Priority, which is stuff like Quick Attack, Mach Punch, or Sucker Punch which will say they go first, or Dragon Tail, Whirlwind, or Roar, which have negative priority, going second, usually.

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The speed stat mainly, but also items, moves abilities can hinder or help speed.

Abilities: A few abilities enhance speed while conditions are right. For example Swift Swim/

Items: A few items can hinder or help speed also, such as quick claw, and a negative effect would be Lagging tail.

Priority moves: Quite a few moves have priority, such as quick attack, Sucker Punch, Mach Punch, And when combined with speed and an item, you will almost always go first.
But moves can also hinder speed. Such as Counter, Mirror Coat. Which have a negative priority/

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