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Sorry for 3x q's.

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1.Master Ball
2. Rare Candy
3.PP Max
4.PP Up
5.Max Revive
6.Max Elixir
7.Max ether
8.Ultra Ball
9.Full Heal
10. Berry Juice

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Thanks for all the answers Techno! (=D)
I've only ever won prizes #s 10,9,8, and 6
i only won 8 and 10
My best prize was a PP Max, don't ask me how i got it. Majority of times I just get prize 9 and 10 though.
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prize no. 10:berry juice
prize no. 9:full heal
prize no. 8:ultra ball
prize no. 7:max ether
prize no. 6:max elixer
prize no. 5:max revive
prize no. 4:pp up
prize no. 3:pp max
prize no. 2:rare candy
prize no. 1:masterball

                     Those are all the raffle shop prizes!
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