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Is missingno a bird the purple and gray one because its the same collor as the pixels you see and I somehow fiund it in my soulsilver ds game and it was in a simalar place to where you find moltrace zapdos and arcticuno it had its own cry and it was named DrakiQWAD like the end of the other three legendary birds UNO DOSE TRACE QUAD I think I might be on to something oh by the way I used NO CHEATS I just walked through a wall in lavender town somehow NO LIE am I right?

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These are both wrong. Bulbapedia says it's a Bird/Normal Type.

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how is mine wrong I didn't say it was another type
Jee, thanks for editing my answer into yours. -__-

Fine, yours wasn't wrong. I missread it, reread it now.
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There were theories of a fourth legendary bird in the bird trio of Kanto, one that was left out for unknown reasons. However I highly doubt this. Game Freak's idea was to create trio of legendary Pokemon anyways. They wouldn't randomly throw in a "hurricuatro," think it's stupid, forget it in the game's code, and realize it later. Furthermore game freak hasn't revealed or said anything on Missingno except that it will corrupt your game and that you should be careful around it. Also Bulbapedia classified it as Bird/Normal
If you want more on missingno look here

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