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I caught Missingno., and all of a sudden, it became Rhydon! Why?

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It still knows the same moves.

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You've triggered the Rhydon glitch. After viewing the Pokedex entry of a Pokemon with an invalid Pokedex number (higher than 152 or 000) and viewing the Pokedex entry for that Pokemon, a subroutine is called that automatically turns the Pokemon into a Rhydon. If it's caught with a full party and sent to the PC, it will become an unstable hybrid of the original Pokemon and Rhydon. However, by simply catching the glitch Pokemon a second time or activating the flag for its Pokedex. For example, Pokemon with a Pokedex number of 000 like MissingNo. will not show their entries if they already captured a Cubone. The Rhydon glitch doesn't trigger on Pokemon that share a valid dex entry, or through trade or evolution.

If you capture MissingNo. again, it shouldn't display its dex entry and will be fine.

Source: the Bulbapedia article on the glitch has more information.

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This is a test that @poketipsmike did. This happens rarely. Although it is a Rhydon, to make it back to Missingno, try to catch it again. Now at least you have a rock type!

How do you know? If you saw it somewhere on the web, can you show us a link?