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I put a Conkeldurr up for Rhyperior on the GTS, but I got a LV 30 Rhydon. What happened?

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Which game?
Doesn't Rhydon evolve from Rhyperior by trade?
Rhydon evolves into Rhyperior when you trade it while holding a Protector.
it was in x it did not come with  Protector and it has to be Rhyperior for it to go through
Actually it is because the xy Gts has weak security and he was a hacking troll.
If you trade-evolve a Pokémon, don’t you ‘absorb’ the item?
No he put the pokemon up for rhyperior so i don't know how nobody gets this but the gts was hacked to give him a rhydon.  Even if it had a protector it would be a rhydon until traded so the gts was hacked.

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Either you mixed up the names and the Pokémon evolved or hacks were used.

I can’t tell you what hacks tho.

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Your answer is better than SYL so +1
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Actually you don't trade the held item with a Pokémon. Before you put it in the GPS it tells to remove the item.
Therefore the protector was removed and it didn't evolve.

If OP truly requested a Rhyperior and not a Rhydon, this explanation doesn't make sense.