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So I'm going to make some teams all with diffrent combinations. One set requires a rock-type, so I was wondering who is better Rhydon or Rhyperior. Any other option is welcome too.


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Rhydon's stats are 105/130/120/45/45/40 (HP, Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, Speed)
Rhypherior's stats are 115/140/130/55/55/40 (Same format).
They are both physically based (in offense and defense) and Rhypherior's stats are far superior in every sense (apart from speed :P) (for gods sake, Rhyperior is the evolved form of Rhydon xD)
They also have the same typing of Ground/Rock, and Rhypherior's secondary ability, Solid Rock allows it to take some weaker super effective attacks, unlike Rhydon. Their movepools aren't too different either.

However if you have Eviolite, then Rhydon > Rhypherior on walling terms.

Thanks. I'll try both the rhyperior and the eviolite rhydon to see what's better for me.
eviolite rhydon will take more hits, but Rhypherior can still hit harder back
But rhydon loses valuable leftovers recovery soooo
And if you're running an offensive set on both, rhypherior wins
Okay, thanks :D