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How do you get Missingno into Pokémon Sword? Plus, a few questions:

  1. Does it corrupt data forever?
  2. Does Missingno only work on a specific version of the game?
  3. What happens if you use it in a Max raid battle and Dynamax it?
  4. Is it “shiny” like in a few games?
  5. Can you get it via a Pokémon evolution?
  6. What moves would it have?
  7. What if you sent it out in a wild battle as your only Pokémon?
  8. Can it hatch from an egg?

And how would you get Missingno in the game? Specifically, Pokémon Sword? I’m just curious but I’m not gonna actually do it.

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For corrupting Pokemon:
Example: Turn a Raboot into a Missingno
It looks like a regular Pikachu. It will have a floating pokeball sprite and no cry. At first, it will inherit everything Raboot has. If you go to Pokemon Camp, you will see that it's stats drastically reduced.
I don't know about the rest that's why this isn't an answer but I hoped I answered half of your question.
Thanks ProfDelldell!

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You can't get MissingNo in Sword and Shield. MissingNo is a Gen 1 glitch Pokemon, and it does not exist in other generations. You can trade MissingNo to a Gen 2 game, but it does not take the same form as it does in Gen 1.

Pokemon fans have unfortunately chosen to name several glitches/ exploits in Sword and Shield after MissingNo. Any glitch Pokemon that you receive through such means is not actually MissingNo.

To answer your questions more directly, there isn't really a 'glitch Pokemon' (if you can call them that) in Sword and Shield so enigmatic that its gets its own unique appearance or whatnot. What you'll find instead are perhaps described better as 'Pokemon with abnormal features', and the game generally has good error handling for those. Their precise traits vary by circumstance and there is probably more research that can be done about their behaviour in situations like Max Raid Battles. What you can be confident about is that they won't corrupt your save data — most glitches don't do that, including MissingNo itself in Gen 1.

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I see. Makes much more sense. Basically there is no MissingNo in SwSh but people called it that. Thank you so much!
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No, you can't get Missingno. in Sw/Sh. However, there is a special hacked egg that people call Missingno. that if you catch it, it can duplicate ANY OF YOUR POKEMON! And they are legal! (not Missingno., the duplicates.)
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How to catch Missingno.

Cool thanks!