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What type is it?
Whats its moveset?
What level is it?
Can you catch it?


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Basically the type is Bird and Normal,
The moveset is usually Water Gun x2 and Sky Attack,
The level can be 0 to 255 when encountered,
Yes you can catch it.

The effects when encountered:

  • You're item pack's sixth slot item is added with 128 more of that, perfect with master balls and rare candies
  • It looks like a glitchy backwards L
  • It screws up the hall of fame (in my opinion, it looks funny)
  • Missingno. when used in battle scrambles the sprites (can be fixed by viewing pokedex entry)
  • In Yellow, when caught makes player sprites walk around the screen.

Note: Missingno. is harmless, and won't do anything terrible to your game.


Hope this helps!

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lol two people answered while I was typing, lol every time I see the hall of fame and the character sprites allover the screen it makes me laugh:) good answer *up votes*
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It is Bird/Normal type in R/B

and Normal/999 type in Yellow

it knows pay day, bind and water gun

it is average level and you can catch it it will screw your game up though

MISSINGNO DOESNT COUURUPT YOUR GAME!! sorry it just makes me rage that people think that
UNG never said that, he said that is screws it up, which is true, but not in a bad way
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I am pretty much a missing no expert so this should be easy:
Missing no is a bird/normal type. Bird type was the original name for flying type.
In red and blue it looks like:
in Pokemon yellow:
You can catch miisng no, It will cause no harm to your game, just don't let it go to your pc, also in case it is m have two extra slots in your party.
It's move set is:
sky attack
water gun
water gun
missing no isn't always the same level, It can be any level, even ones often above lvl 100. If you get it any experience it will grow to lvl 1
source: experience