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is it for super effective attacks and stuff like that or not very effective moves?

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Special Attack and Special Defence both judge how powerful Special moves are. Attack and Defence judge Physical ones. So if a Lanturn used Thunderbolt, a Special move, it would come off it's Special attack rather than it's Attack, and hits according to the opponent's Special Defence rather than it's Defence.

However, this wasn't always how it worked; in Gen III, II and I Special moves and Physical moves were exclusive to certain types rather than being unique to each move. In earlier Generations, Special Attack and Defence were both determined by a stat called Special. The types were:


  • Water
  • Grass
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Electric
  • Psychic
  • Dragon
  • Dark


  • Normal
  • Fighting
  • Flying
  • Ground
  • Rock
  • Bug
  • Ghost
  • Poison
  • Steel

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No, Special attack if for damage calculation of special attack moves. The moves with the ripple symbol next to them. Special Defense is for defending against the special attacks used against you.

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Well, Sp. Attack and Sp, Defense are short for. Special Attack and Special Defense.
Each Pokemon has 2 attack type and 2 defense.

Pokemon like Machop have a high Attack, which helps with moves like Low kick.
Pokemon like Espeon have a high Sp. Attack, which helps with moves like Psychic.

When Machop attacks it does more damage if the opponent has a LOW defense.
When Espeon attacks it does more damage if the opponent has a LOW Sp. Defense.

Since Sp. Attacks deals damage depending on how hight the users Sp. Attack is and how low the opponents Sp. Defense is.

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They are stats categories.

A special move is one in which the user does not necessarily have to
make contact with its opponent in order to deal damage. In Generation
I, special moves cause damage as a function of the Special stats of
the two battling Pokémon. In later generations, special moves deal
damage as a function of the Special Attack stat of the attacking
Pokémon and the Special Defense stat of the defending Pokémon. It is
notable that while most special moves do not contact their target(s),
special and non-contacting moves are not the same: an example is Grass
Knot, which, despite being special, requires that the user make
contact with the target.

The Special Defense stat determines how much damage a Pokémon receives
when it is hit with a special move. Shuckle also holds the highest
Special Defense stat among all Pokémon with 230. Regice currently has
the highest Special Defense stat of all legendary Pokémon. The average
Special Defense Stat is 69 for all Pokémon, and the average for all
fully evolved Pokémon is 83.

From Bulbapedia.

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