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I've figured out that how some types are weak against other types
For example water against fire in this case water douses fire so this can be a reason
And also fire against grass because fire burns grass and etc
But why is dragon not very efficient against steel

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Due to some of the following reasons:

  • Other than Steel, Dragon is resisted by absolutely nothing, and Game Freak just entered the most appropriate resistance for it. Basically they needed a filler, or Dragon types would prove too overpowered.
  • Logically, a dragon's claw would leave a scratch in steel, which is not nearly as effective as Fighting moves that can break it, for example. So the moves that Dragons use are generally things that strong Steel could take a hit from.

We don't know for sure since Game Freak are never going to reveal this type of thing to us, though in theory there are the reasons that Steel resists Dragon.

Remember, Game Freak is naive, and they believe they can add what they want to the game, but with no logical reason. -.-

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I disagree with you mentality on dragon would hardly be able to damage steel, but having it as a filler is probably what it is. I mean if a Lv. 1 Riolu can break steel, cant a lv. 100 haxorus just RIP it apart?
Whatever, we're talking about GameFreak here, which has no logic whatsoever.
I cannot believe I forgot to add that JCM xD
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