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I have a level 76 cresselia it knows psycho cut future sight and flash what is it's signature move?

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yes, lunar dance. Source is experience. Pretty sure mew probably already answered xd

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How the hell do such simple answers get two/three upvotes?
Maybe because they were the ONLY answers...
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Lunar Dance.
It leanrs it at Level 84.

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UpVote for Mew. 1 second faster is still faster.
You lasted a week. :/
i have been befuddled by your cryptic remarks trachy....
A week ago I entered into an agreement with Mew where he wouldn't answer a question unless it was a few hours old. This was to provide other users with a chance to answer questions, gain points, and become more a part of the site.
Ha i must just be lazy then... or i suck. I've been a user 11 months now and i haven't broken 900 points on DB or RMT...i am like #15 on RMT but the gap from 1-10 and then 11-xyz is so much bigger that the rest... ha i guess i just suck :P
lol trachy, I said that I would answer a couple a day every week lol