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Alright I have 2 slowpokes. One of them has a Relaxed nature (+Def,-Spd) and one with a Sassy nature (+Sp.Def,-Spd) I am going to make one of them a Slowbro and a Slowking. Slowbro for +Def against physical attacks like Crunch and vine whip etc.The Slowbro for +Sp.Def against special attacks like Thunderbolt, Shadow ball etc. Now I am thinking should I use my Relaxed slowpoke for slowbro using the nature to increase its already boosted Defense or should I use the sassy slowpoke to even it out as I EV train Defense and sp.Attack, while the sassy nature increases the Sp.Def grow to help even it out and be balanced around with its strong defense? Also visa versa with the relaxed slowpoke to slowking. I really cannot really choose so I need some help from you guys. also I see that both of their sp.attacks are equal and I'm wondering should I EV train their in sp.Attack and then their defence or should I let it grow normally and EV train both of their Sp.Def/Defence and I am also wondering if I should train EV in HP with one of them...sorry if it is all confusing the way I explained it. please put your opinion and answer with some advice and I want to train them as tanks, Pokemon that can withstand alot of attacks before fainting I can always teach them moves to increase their attacking powers of certain moves so I'm not worried about attack just on survival with Defense. thank you for reading this!


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Well, it depends what you're using it for. For ingame, balance is pretty nice.

Competitively, concentration of stats is usually the best road. Slowbro excels in the Defense stat, but it is knocked out pretty easily by SE Special moves. Slowking, from my experience, is also mix the defenses. As Slowking can withstand more SAtk hits than Slowbro, I find that mixed works wonders when faced with Choice Pokemon. With Slowking's ability to phaze with Dragon Tail, you can easily scout the opponent's team.

  • Slowbro: Defensive
  • Slowking: Either Specially Defensive or Mixed
Thank you very much and it is for online battle so i guess i will use their nature to boost the stats they excell in but i think i will Ev train in sp.Def with slowbro to give him more of a chance instead of raising his sp.attack and focus on defensive stats for slowking anyway thank you